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12 Jun

6/12/2012: Superman: Ultimate Flight – Behind the Scenes, Hard Hat Tour

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27 Jan

1/27/2011: Merry-Go-Round Museum Update

There’s more to Sandusky than just Cedar Point! The Museum of Carousel Art and History (Better known as the Merry-Go-Round Museum) is located in downtown Sandusky, in the old main post office. It boasts a collection of authentic, reproduction and in-progress carousel horses as well as a menagerie of other animals. It’s not your typical [...]

19 Jan

1/19/2011: Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk Update

Happy New Year folks. After a year off the theme park bandwagon, I’m back on the path to regular updates FINALLY! As some of you may know, I got married to my long time best friend back in May, and spent the last six months putting our house in order. The good news for all [...]